The Kiosk Collection

The Kiosk Collection is a box set of releases done in conjunction between Universal Records and El Pais, a daily newspaper in Spain, delivered in format double Gatefold Card Sleeve.

The full set of releases is as follows:

Note: The cover and print on the outside of War was not the bright red we are accustomed to, and instead is almost a gold colour instead. And on All That You Can’t Leave Behind there is a typo on the outer track listing, instead of “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” the song is listed as “Stuck in a Moment Which You Can’t Get Out Of”.

All publications have matt finish, except Pop and ZooTV Live from Sydney, which are glossy.

Originally “Boy” was planned as the seventh release, it was announced for November, 2015, and publicized throughout Spain. However, that week, “Zooropa” was found instead at most outlets. On November 13, 2015, two days before the album was to go on sale retailers received notice that the CD cannot be sold as it was defective. They asked people to return the CD to the distributor, and suggested that there would not be any CD that week.

The problem? The CD contains no U2 music. This is not a copy of “Boy” other than looking like it on the surface of the disc. Instead the CD plays “Pocta Jarovi Filipovi: Jarove Pesnicky” a Slovakian compilation CD that was a tribute to Jarove Persnicky.

The “Boy” CD is being repressed and will be re-released on January, 2016, but in the meantime some retailers did not return their allotment of discs to be destroyed and a small number of these misprinting’s have made it onto the collectible market.



*Whole lot more plus BOY withdrawn.


The complete Poster Set of Kiosk Collection.

Plus poster Boy album withdrawn (15.November) and the poster of the first 3 deliveries (The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and Songs of Innocence)

Each poster measures 40 * 60 cm