Achtung Baby. 30th Anniversary. Mistery covers

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, a digital edition was launched on the market, and two on vinyl. Curiously, there is no CD edition. Of the two vinyls, one edition is on black vinyl and the other on two-color vinyl, blue and red, called “Deluxe Coloured Vinyl“.

The complete content of this edition is:

  • 2*180g heaveweight coloured vinyl. Blue and Red
  • A 60*60cm bespoke folder poster
  • 8 page booklet (new design)
  • Exclusive Slipcase with an individually numbered sticker on the reverse
  • One of the 4 mysterious covers (5000 copies each cover)

In it we can find the famous “mystery covers“. There are 4 different ones, and although the naked eye does not indicate which one is inside, thanks to a group of fanatic collectors, you can know which one it is without actually opening the vinyl.

These covers are packaged inside an outer slip case, and the package also includes the original Achtung Baby covers. Both covers and the vinyl fit into an outer red sleeve which features Cosmo, the Achtung Baby on the front cover, and a trabant on the back cover. The trabant on the back has the limited numbering down by the wheels, and a UPC / barcode in the window area.

Thanks to these people who recognized from the beginning that the UPC for each edition was different. There are four different UPC codes and each one corresponds to one of the inner sleeves or “mystery covers” .

  • 6 02438 68634 6 (Adam)
  • 6 02438 68635 3 (Carnalville)
  • 6 02438 68636 0 (Bono)
  • 6 02438 68638 4 (Irish cows)







Irish Cows


Complete edition without the mysterious cover. photo,