The Joshua Tree, Tour Book 2019

Leg Oceania and Asia

Leg Oceania and Asia (Japan Ed.) Plus Booklet translation

Leg Oceania and Asia (South Korean Ed.) Plus Booklet translation


The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

· Tour Book, Leg Oceania/Asia ·
· (Japan Ed.) Plus Booklet translation ·
· (South Korean Ed.) Plus Booklet translation ·

  • Tour Book
  • Programme

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U2 2017 VIP Album

U2 – The Joshua Tree 2017 tour limited edition VIP commemorative album.

This Album includes:

· Custom-Made U2 Commemorative Joshua Tree Medallion
· Commemorative Tour Ticket
· Limited Edition Engraved Harmonica in Carrying Case
· Instructional Booklet on how to play the Harmonica
· Song lyrics, special moments, and photos of the band
· Concert ticket stub reproductions from previous U2 tours
· Mini posters

Copy 1327 / 7500 (Artist´s Proof)*

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The Joshua Tree. Tour Program

The Joshua Tree

Tour 2017 Program
Leg I/II

The U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2017 programme measures 8.5 inches wide x 14 inches high and is 32 pages in length.

It is printed on a heavyweight paper, with spine and an embossed gold-foiled cover.

It contains never-seen-before-photography and a new interview with David Batstone, ethics professor at the university of San Francisco, regarding Bono and Ali’s trip to Central America in 1986.

It also has an extended photo essay on Bullet The Blue Sky live through the last 30 years and 6 U2 tours by Andrew Mueller.

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