Vip Book

U2 2017 VIP Album

U2 – The Joshua Tree 2017 tour limited edition VIP commemorative album.

This Album includes:

· Custom-Made U2 Commemorative Joshua Tree Medallion
· Commemorative Tour Ticket
· Limited Edition Engraved Harmonica in Carrying Case
· Instructional Booklet on how to play the Harmonica
· Song lyrics, special moments, and photos of the band
· Concert ticket stub reproductions from previous U2 tours
· Mini posters

Copy 1327 / 7500 (Artist´s Proof)*

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U2 2015 VIP Album


Book delivered to VIP tickets for the tour.

The book contains:  A beautiful book with details and photos of the band’s latest tour / A special edition holograph ticket / 3 custom-made U2 guitar picks / A bass drum head impact patch / Commemorative tickets from all of the tour’s stops–domestic and international / A post-card type reproduction of tour posters from all previous U2 tours / 2 setlist / 2 passes concert

Copy 29.499/29.999

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